Fortnite Shoes Light Up Shoes Kid Children's Luminous Sports Shoes LED Light USB Charging Flash Shoes Fortnite Gifts

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Fortnite Shoes Light Up Shoes Kid Children's Luminous Sports Shoes. It is high quality, fits comfortably, and has exceptional durability. The best Fortnite gifts for Children! Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just as a reward for being awesome. Fortnite Shoes Light Up Shoes allow your children to express themselves freely. Whether it’s for playing sports, bright and peppy rain boots for playing in puddles, or need that perfectly matched set of fashionable shoes for parties or Halloween, there’s a fun pair of light-up shoes geared toward every taste and budget. Fortnite Shoes Light Up Shoes represent the coolest Fortnite gear and have the most popular Fortnite toys. This is a must for a lot of kids these days.

How to Use:

For luminous pattern, it is white at first, In a bright environment, a luminous pattern begins to absorb light, in a dark environment, the luminous pattern can emit blue or green luminous, brightness in the dark environment depend on the time of absorption and intensity of light

Please choose your size carefully, fat feet can choose larger sizes.

insole length=foot length+(0.5-1)cm

US 9 =size 25=Insole length15.5cm

US 9.5=size 26=Insole length16.0cm

US 10.5=size 27=Insole length17.0cm

US 11=size 28=Insole length17.7cm

US 11.5=size 29=Insole length18.5cm

US 12.5=size 30=Insole length19.0cm

US 13.5=size 31=Insole length19.5cm

US 1=size 32=Insole length20.2cm

US 2=size 33=Insole length21.0cm

US 3=size 34=Insole length21.5cm

US 3.5=size 35=Insole length22.2cm

US 4.5=size 36=Insole length22.7cm

US 5=size 37=Insole length23.5cm

1:when charging, slowly pull the plug slowly.

2:switch hidden inside shoes is nearby the USB port, you can press it to fix the shoe on one color,or flash.

3:When charging, the light will automatically turn off the soles until charging is complete.

4 : a full charge is 3 hours.If the lights do not work, try charging.

5:Do not wash, and clean, if needed, can be colorless shoe polish / clean

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