World of Tanks 3D Illusion Led Table Lamp 7 Color Change LED Desk Light Lamp World of Tanks gifts Tanks Decoration

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3d illusion lamp has 7 single color light and light flashing
Measures approx. 23.8cm x 15.8cm
Micro USB Wooden base
Original and creative piece of art Calming light
Changeable top pieces Acrylics never get hot – safe to touch
Acrylic top piecesLight passes through acrylic glassGlowing LEDs
Highly detailed fine lines create illusions
Only 5mm thick
Appear to be 3D designsIntricately designed lamps

Bulbing Light Pipe
When we first saw the Bulbing Light we couldn’t believe our eyes. What we originally thought was a beautifully illuminated three dimensional sculpture was in fact a 2D illusion!

Made combing man-made fibres with natural materials, Bulbing is a light like no other. Although your eyes may not believe it, the top section is an acrylic piece measuring only 5mm in thickness! It sits upon a wooden base creating a stylish and elegant lamp.

Highly detailed, accurate, fine lines come together to create the illusion of a pipe which appears to have shape and depth but it’s all a trick of the mind!

The Bulbing lamp is illuminated using LEDs that never get hot yet produce a warming glow. Because it’s cold to touch its perfect for children’s bedrooms, but rest assured it will look great in any room.

The top section simply works by reflecting light and illuminating etched lines within the surface, plus it can be easily removed, and replaced with a new design to suit your mood or room.